Post Edison

Since 1992

Animation Studio

We make 3D computer or traditional animation when each frame is drawn by hand. We use Visual Effects (VFX) and Infographics

Post Edison


1036 Budapest
Dereglye utca 5/b



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Lóránt Judit
+36-30-971-5870 judit.lorant@postedison.hu

Lóránt Attila
+36-30-941-8708 attila.lorant@postedison.hu

Kun Adrienne
+36-30-367-8702 adrienne.kun@postedison.hu

With our wide range of services that make the projects seamless from start to finish, we fully cover and follow the creative processes from concept to the studio. In addition to making the film or creating and conducting its visual and audio post-production, we walk you through the process right from the very birth of the creative material: from the completion of the film script and the drawing of the storyboard through to delivering and broadcasting the final product.

More than twenty years of experience, a dynamic creative team.

High-quality sound knowledge that all our clients need. You are welcome in our renewed studios.



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Sound Studio

We create authentic sound effects (Foley) and record narration. We dub films, write music and soundtracks, then record it and finally downmix it.

Color Grading and Effects Studio

We provide color grading for films, commercials, music video clips, TV shows or documentary films. Several effects and tricks can be created within hours.

Editing Studio

We undertake the editing and creative video editing jobs of productions of all sorts of varieties and lengths. We prepare the broadcast materials and deliver them to the appropriate media.

Virtual Studios

With the help of the latest technology, real time Aximmetry Engine, we custom-make personalized studios, interactive spaces and create sets and scenery for TV programmes, shows and films, wherever there is a demand for cost-effective technology.

Augmented Reality

Interactive real time 3D solutions are a modern-day visual complement to exhibitions, events and theatrical performances, replacing the usual videos. Computer-mediated reality is used on displays, projected surfaces and VR slides.